December 14, 2020

You are never alone.

The natural world looks after you and provides you with gifts every day.

How does the earth provide for us?

This big beautiful planet is alive, generously creating water, food, air, trees, rainbows, and an abundance of gifts. When you’re feeling alone, it’s essential to sense these wild connections to the earth.

“You are protected by a generous world of green.”

In this dreamlike book, that’s backed by science, environmental author and educator Elin Kelsey shares how the earth provides for us in so many ways. The oxygen that plants create fill your lungs, microorganisms keep germs at bay, looking into a dog’s eyes creates a feeling of love and playing in mud makes you smarter (it’s true!).

Be a kid again and enter into the magical diorama illustrations created by Soyeon Kim. Children float in the water beside whales, play in the mangroves and ride wolves and birds as we learn about how everything is connected on the earth.

Not only does this book fill me with gratitude, it also helps shift the message that children need to “save” a planet that is beyond repair. This message only makes them feel overwhelmed and hopeless. The author helps kids feel like they are part of a generous and giving planet that is protecting and caring for them every day.

In the author’s note, Kelsey shares that living on a tree-lined street provides health benefits equal to being seven years younger. If you head over to you’ll learn more about the science explored in the book and find a guide for teachers to help children develop an interest in the reciprocal relationship they have with the environment.

“Sunshine fills you with hope”

In a world that can feel very disconnected, I’d highly recommend this book to help you and your child find hope and connection through nature.

Being connected to the land, sea and sky, nature reminds us that we are all interconnected.

Helps with: developing the whole child and emotional well-being, homeschooling, understanding how we depend on the earth, hopeful science based solutions to caring for the earth, feeling connected and interconnected, knowing you’re not alone, learning about science as a way to promote togetherness.