April 26, 2019

I’ve gotta admit it—sometimes I feel lost as a parent when it comes to social media.

If you stepped into my brain, here’s what you might hear:

Are my media rules working? Are they enough?
Should I set more limits? Is it too late?
Am I a bad role-model?
How can I slow this down?
Are there Instagram predators—is that a thing?
What are my summer rules for technology?
Are we staying connected enough as a family?
Everyone’s doing it—does it even matter what I do?

These thoughts are why I invited Erin Eberhardt-Spence, a clinically trained counsellor and expert on managing family media, to pop by our Mystic Moms circle today.

She’s devoted tons of time supporting families to answer these tough questions.

Whether your kids are in diapers or borrowing the car, it’s never too late to make an impact on our kids.

Erin shares practical ways to manage social media and technology so it doesn’t feel out of control.

We’d love to hear what you think. Join the conversation in the comments below.

Much love,


Bija says

Love the real life stories and examples—it was soooo sweet to see your faces together talking about the beast of social media:)
Thank-you for sharing how you handle different situations that arise:)
Love to both of you😘😘💗💗


Carolyn Jyoti says

Bija <3 It's a beast alright, and so great to know we can share ideas as a community! Thank you xoxo


Shelley Myer says

Perfect. So perfect. Nearly 14 and 11 almost 12. Eldest didn’t have a phone until about 6 months ago. For all of these reasons. And now navigating boundaries/controls. Late nights which I understand developmentally but at the same time worries me so much. I like the kitchen idea around docking your device for the night so much. Thank you.


Carolyn Jyoti says

Hi Shelley, We are all navigating these boundaries together. The worries will be there because we just didn't have to deal with social media when we were kids. It's all so new! I'm glad some new ideas can help to calm the worries. thanks for sharing! xo


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