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What Is A Mystic Mom

A mystic mom knows that the lasting solution to any problem lies in her energetic powers.

She uses life-force energy (also called prana, chi, or ka) to make things happen in her life.

At Mystic Moms, our focus is on life with kids, but we can use energy to shift any aspect of life. We still have to do the work—but energetics make the work easier.

A mystic mom uses energy to support her children and to improve her relationships—even her relationship with time. She knows how to send energy to her body, her career, and her bank account.

At Mystic Moms, our focus is not on what we do, but on how we use our energy. When we use our emotions to master our energy, we can free up our lives.

Rather than doing more, she allows herself moments of presence or being to shift the situations around her.

It works.

We don’t need to change our religious or spiritual ideas to use energy because it comes from modern science–specifically, quantum physics. Energetics are the mystical arts or the invisible powers we all have inside of us. Even though we didn’t learn about it in school, we can use our unseen, feminine powers to support our family, communities, and ourselves.

We can use our heart, mind, breath, awareness, intuition and intention to change what’s happening inside and all around us.

As a mother of two school age children, I’m interested in helping you get results from the work you put into yourself and your family. I’m interested in you having time to relax, feel good about yourself, and celebrate the amazing woman you are!

Let’s do less—and be more—together.

Let’s do less—and be more—together.