November 7, 2016

My kids were screaming at each other and I ended up joining the chorus. It’s been going like this: “It’s too noisy when you practice your clarinet!” “Mom, I can’t find any clean clothes!” “Get out of my room!” and “Don’t touch my Halloween candy.”

I left town for a few days to teach, hoping for a peaceful landing home. But while prepping for my daughter’s birthday party, my washing machine literally exploded spewing water across my basement floor. I wanted to cry.

I didn’t even realize how ungrounded I was—until my kids pointed out the swear jar was full. 

We all have patterns that kick in when we feel ungrounded. We might start to eat more, forget to eat at all, sleep less, drink more wine or coffee, or go on a chocolate binge. We might have more accidents and break things, forget details, or try to blame others for our stress.

We might even swear—and get called out by our kids. Did I mention the swear jar was their idea?

When everything is swirling within and around us, it means the energy is not as grounded as it could be. Perhaps nothing feels stable, consistent, predictable or rooted. In those times we’re in more of an airy, whirling, chaotic energy.

Sometimes we get neck and shoulder issues in this state because all the stress is rising upward—we need to root down. Of course the ground is always beneath us; it’s right there under our feet. But that doesn’t mean we’re connecting to it.

Unlike me, some people are very earthy by nature. I’m not an astrology expert, but I’ve noticed feeling more solid and supported around people who are Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn—the earth signs. I can almost smell the trees and soil around them.

Being a Gemini (an air sign) I have more of a dreamy, spontaneous, and light nature. I have to be careful not to let the swirling of my life and the world, take me “away with the fairies.”

When the swear jar is full, I have to ground.

At this time on the planet we could all use a little grounding through the earth element.

Here are five quick ways to get grounded:

  1. Walk on the earth. If possible, take your shoes off and go barefoot so you can really feel the connection.
  2. Meditate (even for five minutes) with a crystal, rock, or talisman in your hand.
  3. Practice a grounding yoga sequence like a restorative flow, or a practice with lots of rooting down in the feet and strengthening of the legs.
  4. Eat grounding foods like sweet potatoes or other root vegetables.
  5. And my personal favorite—get quiet and practice a mudra (yoga in your hands). This one below is perfect for grounding.

Pran Mudra, the Mudra of Life

Pran mudra is a grounding mudra that helps us feel stable, clear, confident,
and courageous. It helps us start something new, reduces anxiety and fatigue,
and has been known to improve vision.

Method: Practice the mudra in both hands. Touch the tips of the thumb,
ring fingers together. The index and middle finger (peace fingers) are extended
and touching one another. Imagine your pelvic floor bathed in the colour
red as you root down into the support of the earth.

 Affirmation: “I am strong, resilient and clear. I connect with my inner fire and
feel stable and supported in my life.”

Taking a few moments out of my day to stop, breathe, and ground makes me feel present, clearer, calmer—and lately, richer!

Are you needing more grounding in your life? How do you stay grounded? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Peace, love, and empty jars,
Carolyn Jyoti


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