Teacher, Counsellor and Mystic Mom

I’m a mom to two incredible kids, Anabel and Stella. I’m also a professionally trained, strength-based therapist, yoga teacher trainer, entrepreneur, and self-love advocate.

Of all my roles, being a mom is the best—and hardest.

As a mom, I’ve worried, blamed myself, felt alone and overwhelmed too many times to count. I’ve lost my temper, patience, hope—and endless nights of sleep.

I’ve discovered it isn’t mothering that zaps me—it’s feeling like a mom-failure that makes me want to lock myself in the bathroom and hide.

I know how challenging it can be to remain positive when we feel depleted, undervalued, and alone. My mission is to help bring magic, fun, creativity, and mysticism back into motherhood.

When my children were little, I woke up one day realizing I’d created a life that didn’t match who I was inside. I was so exhausted emotionally and physically that I didn’t have enough energy to walk up the stairs. I was a mess.

I had to make some hard choices to align myself with my soul’s purpose. I realized if I didn’t, I wasn’t going to make it—it was life or death for me.

I needed to leave my relationship. Despite all the judgments and pressure to “stay for the children,” in my situation, staying would have destroyed me. It would have destroyed any hope for us to have a joyful family life. Some people think I chose to leave, but from the perspective of my heart and soul, there was no choice.

Then suddenly I was a sole parent, raising two kids on my own. It was a heartbreaking time. Now my kids and I can laugh about my “crazy stalker phase” in the first few months when I’d drive by their dad’s, hoping to catch a glimpse of them playing in the yard. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

But it was my energetic powers and loyal support system that got me through those difficult first years on my own. To this day, they get me through every parenting and life challenge I face.

These energetic powers are available to all of us.

As a therapist, and having studied metaphysics and energy-therapies for almost two decades, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

I see many women going in circles trying the same old programs, hoping for some temporary relief, but never getting lasting or fulfilling results.

In my Mystic Moms programs, I’m sharing the secrets I’ve learned from helping hundreds of moms and families over the last twenty years. I don’t want to tell anyone what to do, give typical parenting tips, or give 20 ways to time-manage your already crammed schedule. The solution to our problems is NOT to do more.

Besides being a mom, I’m also Co-Founder and Program Director at DevaTree School of Yoga in Canada. I love supporting a thriving community of yoga teachers to expand and grow, and they help me grow too. Accepting where I am and loving myself as I am, is a constant work in progress.

I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario with my two girls in an old house that requires constant parenting. My girls help keep me real, on my toes, and in the flow of change. They remind me to dream.

I love to soak in my bathtub surrounded by crystals, dance just because I can, and share my zest for life with this world. Silly antics, being in nature, fresh fruit and veggies, children, flowers, pottery, and quiet time all fill me up.

It would be my honour to walk alongside you and support you on your parenting journey. In my blog, I share my insights, struggles and energetic parenting tips. I’m obsessed with finding and reading great children’s books. Bookends is my way of sharing them with you. Sign up below and get my best book suggestions each month on the full and new moon. If you’re interested in a deeper recharge and stepping into your power more fully, I’d love to spend more time with you in the Mystic Moms on-line video course.

I can’t wait to support you and the children in your life!

With love,