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About Carolyn

As a therapist with 25 years of experience supporting individuals, families, and groups, I’m honoured to support you on your path. I’m a therapist in private practice (MSW, RSW) specializing in addictions, trauma, loss, anxiety, and helping navigate the challenges of parenting through all transitions and stages. I’ve designed and led numerous wellness and therapeutic groups for people of all ages, including a mindfulness and meditation program for adults in recovery from addiction.

I have extensive experience working with children, teens, and families and a background in holistic approaches to supporting mental health. My Mystic Moms program is an online course that helps moms tap into their natural energetic powers and better navigate the uncertainty and complexity of parenting.

I’m a Level 1 Past Life Regression Practitioner (QHHT). My training and background as a therapist allow me to support your past life regression in a way that feels relaxing and safe and is relevant and meaningful to your current life.

As the Co-Founder of DevaTree School of Yoga in Canada (now DevaTree Education and Training), our five-star rated Training School has certified hundreds of yoga teachers and wellness leaders. I trained at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica where I was a Director in their 500-hr program for 5 years and was also long-time Faculty at the Toronto Yoga Show & Conference.

I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario in an old house that requires constant parenting. My kids aren’t little anymore but they help keep me real, on my toes, and in the flow of change. They remind me to dream.

I love to read, laugh, play, sing, and dance whenever I can. I get lit up by flowers, children, pottery, farmer’s markets, and being in nature. Sharing my compassion with this world is my deepest calling. Accepting where I am and loving myself exactly as I am is a work in progress that I embrace wholeheartedly.

I look forward to connecting with you,