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If You Find a Leaf by Aimée Sicuro (Random House, 2022)

November 8, 2022

We often rush by the changing seasons and forget to notice the beautiful leaves that continue to fall off the trees. In this book, a young child collects fall leaves, and begins to imagine.  Each leaf represents a new creation as Aimée Sicuro celebrates all the… Read More

Do You Wonder? by Wallace Edwards (North Wind Press, 2022)

October 9, 2022

Does your child have big questions that are sometimes hard to answer? This book poses the questions that we all wonder about. From magical questions to practical ones, Wallace Edwards has created a beautiful picture book full of possibilities. On each page, animal illustrations accompany the many questions that we… Read More

Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole (Puffin Books, 2000)

September 26, 2022

Do you ever feel like your kid is being a smarty-pants? Is this a good thing? For Princess Smartypants—who must avoid all the suitors who want to marry her—it is! “Princess Smartypants did not want to get married. She enjoyed being a Ms.”  She… Read More