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Pride: The story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag

Jun 13, 2022

Harvey Milk had a dream. 

He wanted people to be treated equally. 

He wanted people to be able to love who they loved. 

He dreamed that gay people would be treated like everyone else. 

His dream changed history. 

In 1977, Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official in the United States. With his designer friend Gilbert Baker, he created a symbol to unite their community and show their pride just days before a march to protest inequality and unfair laws. 

The rainbow flag was created. 

“Rights are won by those who make their voices heard”

November 27, 1978 Harvey Milk and the mayor of San Francisco were assassinated. However, Harvey Milk’s dream persisted. More rainbow flags were created and the message of hope, equality, and pride spread around the world.  

They were proud. They had hope. They would make a difference.

This powerful story about the pride flag and gay rights needs to be read. It’s colourfully illustrated and shows how diverse the LGBTQ+ community can be. This book is suitable for 5-8 year olds, however everyone will learn about the important role of Harvey Milk in the gay rights movement. The back resources offer more information about the history of the pride flag and Harvey’s life. 

Teach your kids about gay pride and how Harvey Milk helped to stand up for human rights and make a difference. 

Helps with: understanding gay rights, history of pride flag and Harvey Milk, leadership, advocacy, social justice, diversity, unity, symbols of hope, community, empathy, kindness, and human rights.

Author: Rob Sanders 
Publisher: Random House, 2018